An exercise in DIY history

Hard Facts is an exercise in DIY history by the Domestic Research Society (Ljubljana), SIZ Association (Rijeka), and PENSART (Madrid).

What’s the difference between the media- or science- generated history and the one we have been constructing ourselves throughout our lives? We attend hundreds and hundreds of events in a lifetime, some we attend voluntarily, some by accident, some we stage by ourselves, some are staged by the authorities or our favourite sports club…

We have a tendency to bring home souvenirs from such events, keeping them even if we are not really into collecting. These objects stay with us and mark the special moments in our lives. Many times these moments are synchronised with the common social or political significance of the events, reflected also through the media, but there are cases when these events never enter history or they do at a later stage.

The Hard Facts project strives to reveal one of the ways how we try to pin down our fluid lives and how we let the media upgrade the subjectively experienced events into historical ones. What if our memories, embodied in these hard facts, are, in fact, a powerful mobilising force?!

In 2012/13 we’ll embark on 4 field trips and prepare different public events. Learn more, stay tuned or get involved.

Funding and institutional support

The research and development of the Hard Facts project is kindly supported by European Cultural Foundation.
“ECF decided to support this research and development project because although the idea of looking at ‘do-it-yourself’ history in Europe is valuable and the proposal radiated energy and enthusiasm, we felt the organisers needed to invest in researching the topic and to consider how they plan to realise the project in practice.” (from Collaboration Grants 2012 document)

The Vienna Field Trip was conducted during the Alenka Pirman’s residence in Slovene Arts & Culture Residency, supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, and in collaboration with SKICA, Slovenian Culture and Information Centre in Vienna.

The exercises in Ljubljana are co-funded by the Creativity Directorate, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport. They are kindly supported by Petra Varl Bed & Breakfast and Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory.