Toy Story 2

A Hard Facts film! A toy has to choose between an American boy, the actual owner, and a private Japanese collector who wants to put it in a museum to form a whole with a series of collectable toys. Will the toy stay in the transient realm where it can eventually become obsolete and discarded or will it opt for the eternity of a museum? The whole thing is actually put in motion by a greedy dealer, a connoisseur that recognises the market value of this particularly rare toy and steals it.

The dealer is presented as an unscrupulous, repulsive man and the collector (he never appears in person) is a determined rich man from another culture. The toy opts for the boy – the emotional but temporary Arcadia. With a help from his comrade-toys he also saves the other three collectible toys so they all end up with children as their new owners.

Well, this transition from a dear toy to a ‘crown jewel’ in a museum collection would be much easier, I assume, if the museum was local and the dealer was replaced by an empathic curator. The toy is a cowboy doll after all!

Al McWiggin, a toy collector and dealer. (Copyrighted image by Disney.)

Al McWiggin, a toy collector, a dealer and a toy-store owner. (Copyrighted image by Disney.)

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We wish to thank Jana Wilcoxen for her tip!


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