Post-truth age

In 2010 an American publicist coined the term post-truth politics to tag the present political culture. During the 2012 US presidential election it has been widely picked up. Post-truth became a buzz-word that can describe anything – campaign, politics, journalism, stage, age, era…

(There might be a fundamental misunderstanding on what an ideal democracy is or, even sillier, that it has been already practised once upon a time but lost (as the paradise?) due to the corrupt human nature. Well, some prefer to attribute this decline to the nature of the capital.)

Teleology aside, the post-truth tag brutally acknowledges our collective experience – the binary perception of the world. Ours or theirs? At last the facts don’t matter any more, the rhetoric allows lies. We (the voters) and the media have been hyper-polarised a long time ago. What we are fed with is definitely no truth, it’s the food to stay biased. What seems to be a fiercely dynamic process of democratic argumentation is, in fact, a static yet expensive theatre of preaching to the converted.

This is the reality of the Hard Facts project. Let’s unflatten our lives!


Alenka Pirman: Binary Positions (2008)


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